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Suikoden I Suikoden II Suikoden III Smirk Eyes

Name: Yuber

Games Featured in: Suikoden I, Suikoden II, Suikoden III

Age: Well over 300, looks to be in his mid-twenties

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Tries not to think about such things...

Status: Single, of course

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 185

Race: Demon

Hair: Long blond, front portion frames face and is a little over chin length, back reaches almost to the back of his knees or his lower back if it's braided.

Eyes: Left eye is blue, right eye is red with a vertical pupil (like a cat's eye I guess)

Clothes: Mainly dark, neutral colors, but simple clothing so as to not attract attention. Still dresses a bit too formal. Always wears long sleeved shirts and pants to hide as much skin as possible. If he's daring, he won't wear gloves.

Likes: ancient mythologies, ancient texts, Antonio Vivaldi, archery, arrows, black, black knight, black magic, blades, blood, books, broad swords, candles, cellos, chaos, chess, classical music, claws, conflict, contracts, corpses, crimson, Crimson, Crimson King, dark colors, death, Death Crimson, death rattles, demonology, demons, destruction, devils, fear, fighting, food, gashes, genocide, guts, homocide, instrumental music, interrogation, katana, killing, killing Pesmerga, King Crimson, knights, knives, Luca Blight, Ludwig van Beethovan, mass paranoia, mayhem, mercenaries, monsters, musical organs, mythology, night, organs, pacts, pain, pianos, quiet, reading, Richard Wagner, screams, scythes, Silverbergs, Sjnid Keel, soda, suicide, swords, torture, violins, war, whips

Dislikes: alcohol, attention, being ordered around, being told to stop, being touched, bossy women, bourbon, bright colors, Cassandra, children, constant questioning, crowds, discussions involving sex, disrespect, doing something without gaining anything, eating every day, expectations of affections, giggling, Hervey, hordes of people, hot springs, humans, love, Luc, Luca's cooking, malls, order, peace, people, people being late, Pesmerga, pink, pointless activity, pornography, public places, punch, roommates, sex, sobbing, soup, sweet foods, sunlight, television, the last guy who summoned him, unfulfilled contracts, waiting, yellow

Room: 104G

Suitemate: --

Roomate: Hervey

Current Job: Guidance Counselor's Office Assistant

Past Jobs: Mercenary, General-for-Hire, Assassin, Captain, Interrogator, Soldier, Spy, Mole

Current Classes
International Relations
Psychology 101
German 101
History of Past Summoners

Former Classes
Swords and Katana
History of Summoned Beasts
Arguing and Persuasion
World Literature
History of Black Magic


Yuber is arrogant and looks down upon all humans. Being compared to a human or someone claiming he has human virtues are the worse ways to insult him. He gets angry very easily, and his usual solution is to just kill everything in his way. However, he can't do that given his present situation (this is like hell for him to be around so many people and unable to kill them). He instantly instills fear and discomfort in those he meets and works with, which he fully enjoys. He especially loves the first reactions others give when they see his eyes, so unless he finds it truely necessary, he won't hide them.

When you get to his 'innocent' side, one could view him as a restless kid. He gets bored easily and always needs something to keep himself busy. He seems to have one goal in life: to cause chaos. Since he seems unable to do this on the large scale he prefers at the moment, he'll have to find smaller, more subtle ways to do so. He's very quiet and doesn't speak unless spoken to or unless something especially peeks his interest (or if his patience just wears out).


Yuber has been around for a long time, much longer than any human should be able to live, yet he appears to be in his twenties. Those with high spiritual power are able to immediately tell he is a demon. Yuber must be summoned through a method only discovered by and passed down through The Silverberg Family (military strategists). Once Yuber is summoned, he is bound by a 'contract' he makes with his summoner and now 'master.' This doesn't make him a 'slave' by any means, however, he is mearly limited; he can't roam freely and do as he pleases, which to him is as good as slavery. The conditions of this contract are unknown, but it can be assumed that it changes per summoner. It must be worth it for Yuber to put himself under control of others. You better believe he's gone as soon as this contract is fulfilled or "is up."

A man named Pesmerga has been hunting Yuber down in the attempt to kill him. Pesmerga looks exactly like Yuber with the exception of his hair being black rather than blond. Their relation and why Pesmerga is chasing after Yuber are both unknown. It's also unknown whether Pesmerga is a demon or human. We do know, however, that Pesmerga and Yuber seem equally matched in fighting ability. There's also a theory about Yuber and Pesmerga involving the Creation Myth. If you want to hear it, IM me.

After his contract with Leon Silverberg was up and Yuber abandoned the Highland army, Yuber was summoned by some kid who had stumbled across his summoning method accidently. The guy had no idea what he was messing with and the contract fell through when he killed himself before the contract was fulfullied (I'm sure Yuber had nothing to do with it). This is probably why he is still wandering around on this plane; he's still bound here until his next summoning and his next contract are fulfilled. (He'll be damned if he's going to wait around that long! One reason he's going to the academy is to see if there is a way to break his ties to this plane).

Soon after, Yuber and Pesmerga once again met. During this fight, both became severely wounded, but before Yuber could escape, Pesmerga managed to place a demon ward on the back of Yuber's neck. The ward limits his basic powers of superhuman strength, speed, stealth, and senses, but retains his ability to teleport since that's more a magic ability. His teleportation ability all his magic including his True Rune need far more concentration now than before taking a lot out of him. So he can't make it a habit. He also had the ability to summon and control lesser demons and the spirits of dead soldiers. This power is also gone, but he may still have some resonating affinity with the dead...

Though still a demon, his power is equal to that of a normal human, which pisses him off greatly considering his pure hatred of humans. The demon ward also causes him extreme pain when his demonic instincts try to take hold of him, notably his killkillkill need, so he can't go around and slaughter everything he sees. This'll bring an interesting twist on Yuber since he now has to do everything 'the hard way'. He's going to hate humans even more after this...

Yuber absolutely does not want anyone to find out about his demon origins and loss of power. This isn't a problem for those he's just meeting, but he certainly doesn't want anyone who's known him or worked with him to know that he has regressed in power. The only people he may tell are those he thinks will help him in the ward's removal.

He's come to the academy so he can find a way to get this damn demon ward off. The academy also helps him hide from Pesmerga for a while. The limitations of the demon ward make him vulnerable and if he gets into a fight with Pesmerga now, he'll most probably die.

Yuber is proficient in the use of swords. Specifically he has wielded a large broadsword, and two long slender swords (I'm not sure what they're called. They're too straight to be katana but too long to be just about anything else). The two long, slender swords are especially designed to be held within the sleeve, a sharp flick of the arm drops the hilt to his palm and retract the blade. He'll certainly want to make sure he doesn't get rusty while in his human form and so will want to continue practice with swordsmanship. He wouldn't mind learning a few other weapons as well.

Secretly, Yuber is actually afraid of becoming weak, and of becoming human. He plans to stay in shape as much as possible. He'll probably freak out if he finds any sign of "weakness" or if someone else even suggests such a thing. But who knows? Maybe all of this exposure to humans and the loss of his powers could be good for him... Ok, not really.

Any questions about powers, limitations, history, holes in my explanation, so forth? Contact me on AIM (NineGatesofChaos), Gmail (eternalgameslave), or Yahoo (eternalgameslave).


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